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    Join an incredible, powerful professional network!

    By aligning your organization and its business goals and objectives with IPSCMI, your organization will be considered an: “Alliance Partner” and be part of an extensive network of organizations providing training and personal professional certification in the fast and growing field of purchasing and supply chain management. Your organization will have access to contractor-led study groups, informative updates and communication via voicemail, our vast training resource portfolio, and more.  Plus...you'll have all the resources and advantages that come with being part of a powerful organization, while maintaining your independence and freedom.  Most importantly, you will grow your organization’s revenue and earnings far beyond your current capability.

    Benefits of an “Alliance Partner” relationship with us!

    Your organization and its trainers will have an opportunity to improve skills through your association with us. Our professional development “Certified International Professional Trainer” (CIPT) (online) program for trainers is the best in the business and leads to professional certification as a CIPT.

    Global Recognition-an “Alliance Partner” relationship with IPSCMI will increase your company reputation and add international brand value. IPSCMI shall advertise and list partner information on its webpage, which makes your company well known internationally.   

    Authority to deliver wide range of IPSCMI branded certifications and courses. IPSCMI provides a “complete portfolio” of business management training, testing, and certification programs to meet different training needs.

    The most important benefit of an Alliance Partnership is increased revenue.  Organizations typically find that training tuition increases because of the student potential for certification after training. 

    Our “Alliance Partners” have a variety of business "models" to choose from.

    1.     Your organization continues to train your clients using your curricula using “conventional” public seminars or in-house seminars on a contract basis.  IPSCMI conducts an examination and IPSCMI certifies successful applicants using a certification appropriate to your training curricula.

    2.     IPSCMI trains your instructors to train your clients using IPSCMI curricula.  Training is conducted using “conventional” public seminars or in-house seminars on a contract basis.  IPSCMI conducts an examination and IPSCMI certifies successful applicants using an existing IPSCMI certification.  Some contract clients want training without certification.

    3.     Your organization enrolls students into IPSCMI online courses. IPSCMI conducts the online training and tests applicants.  IPSCMI then certifies successful applicants using an existing IPSCMI certification.  Some students only want online training that does not proceed to certification.

    How to become an Alliance Partner of IPSCMI

    Becoming an IPSCMI Alliance Partner is not for all training providers. You will need a long term commitment, a habit for hard work and a passion for marketing. An alliance agreement will be granted to those training companies or institutions which can satisfy the Institute that they have the following:

    • Experience in conducting training programs.  
    • Certified instructors.
    • Suitable premises and classrooms.
    • A sound administrative structure, including facilities which are monitored daily.

    If the above criteria are applicable to your organization, please follow the below process to become an alliance partner of IPSCMI:

    • An IPSCMI Due Diligence Form is completed by the applicant. This collects simple identification data, marketing plan information and makes a judgment based on location, certifications to be offered.
    • The application form is then submitted.
    • IPSCMI will contact you to discuss your application.
    • If your application is accepted, an alliance agreement will be proposed by IPSCMI.

    We look forward to receiving your application.

    Download the IPSCMI Due Diligence Form

    If you have any further enquiries regarding alliance partner approval, please email us at jesse@ipscmi.org.