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  • Certified International Supply Chain Consultant (CISCC, Level 3)
    The Certified International Supply Chain Consultant (CISCC) certification is the Level III, the highest level certification of IPSCMI Supply Chain Management Series, a core certification program of IPSCMI. 

    The Certified International Supply Chain Consultant (CISCC) program will help supply chain management professionals to either consult or teach supply chain management to people outside of their own employer.  A CISCC certification demonstrates that you are knowledgeable about the practice of supply chain consulting skills in the International commercial environment. 
    Most consultants enter the professional practice of training consultancy through the route of functional specialization in training.  Some remain deep specialists, either in an organizational function or process; or in the methodologies and applications of a particular proprietary philosophy or approach.  Others rely more on greater management breadth in organizational competency (‘B’ above), but all must be able to relate their deep technical professional expertise to the client organization.  The CISCC does test for expertise in functional specialization of supply chain management.  It is expected that the CISCC will demonstrate his/her functional skills by obtaining certification as a Certified International Purchasing Manager, Certified International Sourcing Manager, Certified International Commercial Contract Manager, and Certified International Supply Chain Manager. In addition, a CISCC should be skilled in conducting "Purchasing Benchmarking and System Reviews", a subject that is found in a separate Handout/Training Document.
    CISCC candidates are assumed that they have already mastered the INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE

    Program Outline 
    Consulting Knowledge, Skill, and Ability 
    General Knowledge of Management Processes and Functions
    Information Technology
    Finance and Accounting
    Leadership and Human Resources
    Underlying understanding of PESTLE
    Personal and interpersonal attributes of a management consultant.