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  • Introduction
    IPSCMI, The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, is a prestigious and leading professional institute offering purchasing and supply chain management certifications throughout the world in all modes of instruction, including conventional public seminars, online courses, in-house seminars and other distance learning modes. IPSCMI is the “brainchild” of Dr. LeRoy Graw, who created a predecessor organization with the same mission and scope of operations in 1989 called the “National Contract Service Corporation” (NCSC). NCSC ceased its operations in 1999 when Dr. Graw shifted his business focus from the US to Asia. Because of its similar business scope, IPSCMI is in fact “the son of NCSC”.

    IPSCMI is a premier professional certification institute well-known in the United States and the world. IPSCMI launched its supply chain certifications of Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) and Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM) in 2004, which are the first professional supply chain management certifications in the world. 
    IPSCMI's purchasing and supply chain management courses and programs are provided around the world by a complete network of alliance partners which contract with IPSCMI for collaboration in conducting the IPSCMI programs. Training courses are usually joint IPSCMI/alliance partner efforts, in order to deliver quality programs catering to the needs of the diverse student clientele. Instructors, whether they are provided by IPSCMI or the alliance partner, must be certified in the discipline they teach. In Asia and the Middle East, every effort is made to find qualified local instructors, who can teach the curricula in the local native language, without the need for interpretation. When American or other non-native instructors are used, a local interpreter with intensive background/knowledge of purchasing and supply chain management acts as a “second instructor” for those students without complete English facility.
    IPSCMI has established alliance partner relationships with more than 50 distinguished organizations worldwide. Value provided in IPSCMI training and certification programs is higher than competitors because of higher quality and lower prices. We have certified more than 60000 students from 62 countries worldwide so far.