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    Supplier quality management has emerged as one of the leading business practices in the past few years. World-class manufacturers are making significant investments in systems and processes to improve supplier quality. Supplier Quality Engineering is the discipline in managing a company that governs all activities to do with Suppliers and their supplied products or services.

    The importance and purpose of supply chain management, the value and components of supply chain management.
    Suppliers contribution to the enterprise product quality, cost control and process output.
    The importance of the basic supplier audit and the necessity of the supplier information survey.
    The quality management and monitoring methods during the whole process of supply chain
    4 steps and 16 stages of supply chain management system.
    How to build win-win relationships with supplier?  
    Program Outline 

    Module 1.  The development and conceptual change of supplier quality management
    The development of supplier quality management
    Why do the suppliers become a big trouble for us?
    What’s the real reason for the pain of the suppliers and customers?
    Four cardinal principles of supplier quality management
    Systematic education will change your mind
    Fundamentals of total quality management

    Module 2.  The development process of suppliers- the fundamentals of supplier quality management (the introduction of new suppliers)
    How to classify the BOM management suppliers?
    Product portfolio matrix, various grades and ranks of suppliers
    Team building and ability training methods for supplier development
    ISO and the quality management of procurement system
    Preliminary concrete actions for new supplier development
    Preliminary investigation for supplier information
    Reviewing the supplier self-assessment
    Current supplier development strategy
    Supplier on-site audit strategy
    Comprehensive evaluation for suppliers
    Purchase agreement, quality agreement, standards for technology and quality communication
    Rapid problem-solving processing, change management, etc.

    Module 3. Supplier selection management - source management, seeking both temporary and permanent solutions
    Hierarchical management, collaborative cooperation, comprehensive evaluation, establishing scientific and effective authentication management for supplier development
    Supplier strategy and the development evaluation at the early stage
    Quality planning first, supplier quality strategy
    Negotiations based on the quality agreement with customers
    The process audit evaluation at the early stage
    Hhow to determine the supplier evaluation standard
    Supplier performance evaluation
    7 pitfalls for supplier selection
    Supplier selection-4 steps and 16 stages
    Supplier development case which happened in a world top 500 enterprises

    Module 4. The project development at the early stage and batch management- planning before control
    The importance of project planning, design and development for the supply chain quality management
    The importance of SDE staff during the design and development process
    APQP(Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan)
    The basic principles of APQP, the benefits of APQP, team building principle, risk management methods
    Five stages of product quality planning
    PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
    Approving documents and submitting the list
    Customer notification and requirement submission
    Submission levels
    Parts submission status
    Incoming quality control strategy, checkpoint setting, environmental requirements, personnel qualification management
    The choice of sampling inspection standard based on product state
    Daily quality measure for suppliers
    Quality process monitoring ability (Cp, Cpk, Pp, PKK)
    Improvement tools to solve the quality problem

    Module 5. Dynamic performance assessment for supplier and strategic partnership with supplier
    Dynamic performance assessment roadmap for supplier
    Square scorecard for dynamic supplier quality performance
    Four dimensions of dynamic performance assessment for suppliers
    Incentives for high-class suppliers
    Why can't we eliminate those inferior suppliers? What is the reason behind this situation?
    KPI assessment case which happened in a world top 500 enterprises
    How to carry out the cross-function quality improvement activities with supplier?
    What are characteristics of strategic partners?
    Find the similarities and differences between American enterprise strategy and south Korean based on the establishment of strategic partnership
    A classic case about mutually beneficial supplier management

    Module 6. Supplier auditing and related skills
    Pre-planning for audit will help you win
    How to use the supplier audit standard
    Supplier audit skills
    How to validate improvement and confirm the effect
    The technical considerations for products in the process of audit and some audit tips
    How to accomplish the transition from a qualified second party auditor to an excellent second party auditor