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    • Why Come to IPSCMI for Certification?

      Date:Dec 06,2020.
      IPSCMI professional certifications are widely welcomed in the world. IPSCMI established alliance partner relationships with more than 30 distinguished organizations worldwide. We have certified more than 60000 students from 42 countries worldwide so far....
    • Why Do You Need to Get Certified? What Are the Benefits of Professional Certification?

      Date:Dec 06,2020.
      Professional certification offers individuals a wide range of important benefits,such as salary raised, professional knowledge level improved, get hired and promoted, etc. ...
    • Certificate and Certification, What is the Difference?

      Date:Dec 06,2020.
      Are certificate and certification the same? They are different, many people easily confuse both. ...
    • How Important Is Price?

      Date:Dec 06,2020.
      One phrase that was repeated often was, "It's all about price!" These sellers felt that many purchasers do not seek the supplier that will best serve their organization, but instead always seek the cheapest supplier....
    • Why Choose Online Education and Training?

      Date:Oct 16,2019.
      Online training has many advantages such as flexibility, Reduced Time and Cost, Increased Retention and so on. During the covid-19 pandemic, online learning became a major way of training and learning....
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