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  • Certified International Contract Cost/Price Analyst (CICCPA)


    Author and Primary Instructor:   

    Dr. LeRoy H. Graw EdD, CPP, CPPM, C.P.M., CPSM, CPCM, CISCM, President, International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute  Author of “Cost/Price Analysis: Tools to Improve Profit Margins”, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN-13: 978-0442017170.  Dr. Graw has an international reputation as a Seminar Leader and Consultant in Purchasing Management; Federal, State, and Local Procurement; Commercial Contract Formation and Contract Administration; Subcontract Management; Cost and Price Analysis; Negotiations; International Purchasing; Service Contracting; and Contract Writing. With over 45 years of experience, he offers both an academic and practical approach to purchasing, procurement, and contract management through his experience as an Unlimited Warrant Federal Contracting Officer, as a Contracts Manager and Purchasing Manager for Government Contractors, and as an Educator, Trainer, and Consultant. Dr. Graw was a recent awardee of the NCMA Education Award and is noted in several "Who's Who".



    Training for this certification offers best practices and answers important questions in cost estimating and contract pricing.

    • What should a product, service, or integrated business solution cost?
    • How much is it worth to the buyer?
    • What is the appropriate rate of return or profitability for a product or service?
    • What constitutes a fair and reasonable price?
    • How can buyers ensure they are not paying too much?
    • How can sellers maximize both sales and revenue in a consistent manner?


    Unit 1- Cost Estimation: Methods, Processes, and Sources of Risk.
    Unit 2 – Cost Estimating Fundamentals.
    Unit 3 – Cost Analysis: Tools and Techniques.
    Unit 4 – Profit Analysis: Tools and Techniques.
    Unit 5 – Contract Pricing: Strategies, Methods, and Best Practices.
    Unit 6 – Fixed Price and Cost Reimbursement Pricing Arrangements.
    Unit 7 – Time and Materials and Labor-Hour Pricing Arrangements.
    Unit 8 – Price Analysis: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices.


    Training is available in conventional and online modes.