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    Certified International Supply Chain Professional/Manager
    Eltayeb Osman, CISCP, CISCM, CICCM
    Supply Chain Manager
    Ezentus Freezone Dubai.
    “ CISCP & CISCM certification programs of IPSCMI have really put an excellence mark on my career as a Supply Chain Professional especially with in this region (Africa & ME & GCC). The CISCP & CISCM knowledge helped me to recognize the value as a guiding principle to deliver & execute superior managerial performance with significant business impact. ”
    Certified International Supply Chain Professional/Manager
    Musthafa Nebeel, CISCP, CISCM
    Dispatch Planner
    Al Khaleej Cement Company, Doha, Qatar
    "I have attended CISCP and CISCM course.It has upgraded my knowledge in supply chain management moreover learn managing overall process of supply chain. Course material is precise and relevant to our areas of work."
    Certified International Supply Chain Professional/Manager
    Navin Pinto, CISCP, CISCM
    Supply Chain Manager
    Nandos, Dubai.
    “ I am pleased to announce that I have received an excellent opportunity in the field of Supply chain. My profile stood out among the crowd and competition due to the certification that I have completed CISCP & CISCM from IPSCMI. ”
    Certified International Supply Chain Professional/Manager/Consultant
    Mohamed Kafafy, CISCP, CISCM, CISCC
    Product Manager, ERP Consultant
    Smart Dubai Government, Government of Dubai
    “I have found that Blue Ocean Academy and IPSCMI with good reputation I can trust for professional development and I would strongly recommend Blue Ocean Academy and IPSCMI. To serve, my clients better I have decided to take the CISCC course, and as they didn't fail me in the CISCP and CISCM courses where my hunger for knowledge and experience was fulfilled by passionate instructors, the CISCC was no different.”
    Certified International Supply Chain Professional
    Anand Kumar Sharma, CISCP
    Asst Purchase Manager , Global Supply Centre
    “I have completed my CISCP with Blue Ocean Academy and IPSCMI. Now I got selected in Seychelles as Assistant Purchase Manager in a reputed company "Global Supply Centre". Thank you for the knowledge shared with me in the classes. A very special thanks to Dr. Menon for conducting the class which gave me the courage to face an interview. He showed me very exciting way to describe myself and many interview techniques which I really applied and was successful.”
    Certified International Supply Chain Professional/Manager
    Abeer Al Kendi CISCP, CISCM
    Air Freight Coordinator
    Al Futtaim,Dubai
    “I would just like to thank you and your team for all the help and support. The course I attended, benefitted me in my current position as I learnt terminologies, concepts of different topics and how it can be useful in my current position. I am hoping to have better prospects in future. The instructor was also very well experienced. His methodology was excellent. Looking forward to attend more trainings in the future.”
    Abeer Al Kendi CISCP, CISCM
    Head of Procurement
    CNOOC Indonesia
    "My experience joining this training is quite impressive by Dr.LeRoy Graw. We gained a lot of knowledge from supply chain International parties experiences, which we can combine with the condition here in Indonesia. Some of the skills can be implemented here in Indonesia but some of them can not because we are restricted by the rules in Indonesia. But is a good comparison between supply chain management in Indonesia and supply chain International."
    Abeer Al Kendi CISCP, CISCM
    Sourcing Manager
    Ericsson Indonesia
    "The training was good and trained by a world class caliber expertise. I think this would benefited me professionally and a lot of new things need to develop from myself in order to improve my procurement expertise. However not all of the procurement process would be applied in my current work activities because here in my organization we split sourcing, contract management and supply chain in to each of different division due to the SOX requirement. In overall I can say that this training was really good, and I would like to thank you to organize this event to us."
    Abeer Al Kendi CISCP, CISCM
    Procurement Deputy Director
    Mercedes Benz Indonesia
    "I joined Certified International Procurement Manager course because I see this course is very useful for me, I had the opportunity to see the latest technology procurement process presented by Dr. LeRoy Graw. Besides, this course attended by other procurement colleagues from a multi-disciplinary and multi industrial, we can also learn about how the procurement process applied in their place, we can make it as a base mark or a sharing point. I think this is a very good course for buyer and procurement."
    Certified International Purchasing/Procurement Manager (CIPM)
    Abeer Al Kendi CISCP, CISCM
    VP Purchasing
    LaFarge Cement Indonesia
    "I’m taking the course from Husin Intelligence Group and IPSCMI named CIPM, I think is very good, increased our competency as procurement professional and also help to leverage the team in our organization to increasing the skill, technical skill and also the soft skill."
    Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM)
    Rana Obaid, PHD, CICCM
    Purchase Contract Supervisor
    Islamic International Arab Bank
    “ It was a wonderful and value added opportunity for me to enroll in the CICCM Certification program at the Jordan United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI. This course provided me a lot of knowledge and assistance in my field which depends on the formulation of the different procurement contracts. Lectures were enjoyable and included discussions and sharing of experiences by all participants coming from different industries backgrounds. It will be a pleasure for me to participate in other courses and in particular those associated with this type of certification. ”
    Eng. Hamzah Adaileh, CPP, CISCM, CICCM
    Mechanical Engineer - Procurement team leader
    Iraq Gates Contracting company ( IGCC)
    “I had amazing moments and memories in the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the staff the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI starting from lovable, helpful, and amazing women, Faten - for her support to all trainees to get what they need from training courses. She offered complete solutions with wide future visions for each trainee in his/her career path. Regarding instructors, the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI have great, helpful, knowledgeable, superior and the smartest instructors who have perfect ways to make the course and the exams smoothly handled. I took three courses in the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI: CPP, CICCM, and CISCM Certification programs which helped me boost in my career path. So I recommend this Training center for all Supply chain related courses. Thanks a lot to the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI for your support, and without you I think that I couldn’t be here “in this position in a very short time. ”
    Eng. Ala’a Al-kharabsheh, CISCM, CICCM, CPP
    Supply Chain Manager
    “ The CISCM, CICCM & CPP courses/ certificates had been extremely beneficial to me in many ways. First of all, I felt the tutors have been extremely professional and supportive. The materials I got gave me an understanding of the criteria as to what and how candidates are expected to answer in the exam. Secondly, through those courses, I have got access to a variety of useful resources and references. In addition, it has improved my qualifications to fit senior challenging supply chain positions. Finally, I am really grateful to the United Institute Training Intermediary and IPSCMI for all the help they have extended to me. ”
    Certified International Supply Chain Manager
    Azeezat Tijjani,CISCM
    Supply Chain Manager
    Calumet City, IL. USA
    “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful organization and all the great information that I have learnt both in the course of training and during the preparation of the exam.”