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  • Certified International Sourcing Manager (CISM)

    The sourcing function is in the middle of unprecedented change. The transformation is being driven by globalization in consumer and supplier markets, as well as by rapid technological advances that facilitate procurement on any scale.
    This certification preparation course focuses on the new tools of sourcing success, including e-commerce and internet strategies; supply-chain management technology, including eRFx systems, auction sites, and bid optimization; strategic sourcing initiatives; offshore and international sourcing, and much more.
    The preparation course provides guidance on supplier relationships and partnerships, opportunities for cost reduction, electronic and paperless management, global sourcing opportunities, and more.
    At the completion of the course, students take the 80 multiple choice question Certified International Sourcing Manager examination online and, if successful and otherwise qualified, are encouraged to apply for professional certification from the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute.

    Course Goals
    In this course, we study the critical components of sourcing management as practiced currently in the corporate world. The fundamental concepts concerning the sourcing process and supply chain management are covered.

    Course Objectives

    The purpose of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of sourcing management, particularly, how it fits into an overall supply chain management strategy.   Students who complete this course will acquire the necessary skills to:

    • Assure sourcing and on-time delivery of best priced best quality materials to maximize production capacity
    • Finding the right supplier and effectively execute supplier relationship management for win-win partnerships
    • Find solutions to sourcing bottlenecks and risks to ensure on-time delivery of materials
    • Be equipped on streamlining and optimizing the whole business process to reduce total supply chain co
    • Master advance cost techniques translating to reduction of waste and inefficiency in the supply chain.
    • Learn how to encourage suppliers early in new product or service development and foster innovation

    Course Content

    Module I Evolution of corporate role/strategic planning

    Module II Strategic Sourcing

    Module III Supplier Relationship Management

    Module IV Advanced Cost Management Techniques