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  • Certified International Professional Negotiator (CIPN)

    CIPN, (“Certified International Professional Negotiator”), is a certification program designed for US and international business practitioners who wish to increase their international negotiation skills. This program is dedicated to promote negotiation skills and knowledge to world-class standards.  

    CIPN is designed to evaluate objectively professionals on international business negotiation. If the professionals wish to obtain certification, they must achieve IPSCMI's professional skills and knowledge requirements and pass the certification test. Even though a professional reaches these requirements and becomes a CIPN, it is still not enough. He/she still needs to promote his professional skills and excellence to meet the demands and challenges of the future.

    Why Get Certified?
    • Enhance your career and qualify for promotion.
    • You will be highly respected as a CIPN.
    • The title of CIPN means you have enough knowledge and skills to win at negotiation

    Who Should Attend?
    • Business Negotiation Managers and Professionals
    • Import-export dealers
    • Purchasers involved in global purchasing
    • International marketing and sales personnel
    • Anyone who wishes to be a CIPN or wants to be trained in international negotiation

    Core Modules
    • Introduction
      Distributive & Integrative  Negotiation
      Individual Differences
      Global Negotiation
      Science of Negotiation
      Negotiation Tactics
      Managing Conflicts

    Requirements For Certification
    • AA degree OR more than three years of experience in business negotiation.
    • Satisfactory completion of a 3 hour examination covering the “Body of Negotiation Knowledge” addressed in the 6 course training program.
    • Completion of an application for certification and payment of all fees.